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    Hi Dino!

    Thank you for your question.

    With the Advanced plan, you get 5 monthly image downloads, usually costing $0.99 included in your subscription.
    Crello has access to the Depositphotos 70,000 mln image library and all those images are available inside Crello, there is no need to go to the Depositphotos site to download them. 

    Go to the "Subscription" tab and you will see the remaining downloads balance:

    The unused downloads from the previous month roll over to the next paid period of your subscription and accumulate on your account until you use them.

    For instance, if your subscription was automatically updated on June 8th and you have any unused download on July 7th (30 days renewal period), they will be added on top of the 10 new credits added on July 7th.

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